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Car rental

There are several local car rental stations in Hua Hin. Left-hand driving works quite easy in Hua Hin. Traffic is manageable and navigation is easy.

Wellness and Massage

In Hua Hin you will find various massage-parlours, which offer foot-massages, traditional Thai-massages, aroma therapy massage, oil-massage as well as wellness and SPA-treatments. "Thai Orchid Massage", for example, is downtown and located right across from the Sofitel Hotel has good quality service with reasonable prices. If you want to, you can also make reservations and may have the massage in your private room. Please find information about this service in the "Information Book" in your apartment.

Water sport

The Hyatt Regency Hotel (ca. 10 minutes walking distance southward along the beach) offers various water sport activities such as:

  • Wind Surfing (1 hour THB 700,-)
  • Catamaran Sailing (1 hour 1200,-)
  • Catamaran Sailing with instructor (1 hour THB 1500,-)
  • Kayak Boat (1 hour THB 400,-)
  • Mountain Bike (1 hour THB 150,-)
All prices are subject to tax and service charge (Prices subject to change).

Horse Riding

Directly on the beach, there are several offers for Horse Riding. You can rent out horses for a ride along the beach (for 30 minutes the fee is approximately THB 300,-).


At the new large shopping mall "Market Village" on Petchkasem Road (main road) on the third floor, you will find 4 cinemas, which show the most up-to-date original English Soundtract movies.


Also at the shopping Mall "Market Village” on the third floor, you will find 8 new bowling lines (open daily from approximately 10:30 AM until midnight).

Sights-Seeing and Attractions in Hua-Hin and the surrounding area

Elefant Village

You might want to attend a show where the fascinating pachyderms are the main-actors or maybe you are interested in a trekking tour riding on an elephant's back. All that you can experience just about 2 km westwards from Hua Hin.

Khao Takiap

From this hill on the south side of Hua Hin Beach you have a great view via the Seaside Resort. On top of the hill are two Buddhist Temples. Close-by, at the beach, is a great seafood-restaurant which is called "La Mer" (great ambiance and good food).

Historical Railway Station

This railway station was built in 1920 and is one of the oldest railway stations in Thailand.  And its royal waiting hall have been renovated in all facets. It is definitely worth while visiting it. Ca. 500 m southward (just down the road along the rail track) you will find a small restaurant, which serves only chicken-dishes calls "Kai-Ko-Son”. Simply delicious and definitely an insider tip! You will recognize the restaurant by the chicken in the illuminated advertising.

Pra Ratchaniwet Marukka Thayawan

This is a golden teak wooden palace located on the beach. It was built in the Twenties by King Rama VI to be used as a summer residence. Today it is open for a public to visit.

Shopping / Factory Outlets

In Cha Am, about 25 minutes by car northwards from Hua Hin, is a large Outlet-Center (Premium Outlet) with more than 100 shops.  Opening daily from 10.00 AM to 08.00 PM.

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